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Beyond Crossover

Beyond Crossover is a unique recital program that voyages between classical repertoire, Krakauer’s original compositions and klezmer music. The program moves effortlessly without intermission from Janacek, Brahms, Messiaen, Steve Reich and Debussy all the way to Krakauer’s mad circular breathing improvisations and klezmer.

Krakauer writes: “Ever since the moment I was able to play the clarinet halfway decently I’ve been interested in juxtaposing the making of my own music with interpreting classical compositions. (In that sense I never felt the need to “cross”–I was already “over.”) It was always amazing to see how the two interacted with one another. Constantly working to create my own sounds (whether it be through improvising or composing) has helped me find my personal key to interpretation: first, always striving to be closer to the moment of creation (play the piece as if I had composed it or improvised it); second, seeking to tell a story; and third, creating a dialogue between my ideas and what I perceive as the composer’s ideas.”

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