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David Krakauer and A Far Cry —
The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind


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Year: 2014
Label: Crier Records
World premiere recording of the orchestral version of Osvaldo Goljiov’s The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind, arranged by Golijov and performed by David Krakauer and A Far Cry.

Krakauer’s Ancestral Groove – Checkpoint

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Year: 2014
Label: Label Bleu
Availability limited to Europe

David Krakauer – The Big Picture

The Big Picture

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Year: 2014
Label: Table Pounding Records/United For Opportunity
The Big Picture album features Krakauer’s sextet, a new constellation of musicians, meticulously chosen to display their virtuosity and poetry with these stimulating new arrangements and interpretations of familiar movie soundtracks by classic film music composers – among them, Marvin Hamlisch, Wojciech Kilar, Vangelis, Sergei Prokofiev, Ralph Burns, Jerry Bock, John Kander & Fred Ebb. Movies include such diverse gems as Sophie’s Choice, The Pianist, Cabaret, Radio Days and Funny Girl.
Availability limited to North America.

David Krakauer – Pruflas: The Book of Angels

David Krakauer - Pruflas: The Book of Angels

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Year: 2012
Label: Tzadik
The Book of Angels is the second book of 300 songs for Zorn’s band, Masada, composed over a period of a few months in 2004. In this recording, Krakauer interprets these Masada songs brilliantly with a traditional (and not-so-traditional) Klezmer vibe, creating a fascinating meeting of old and new.

David Krakauer – The Best of David Krakauer

David Krakauer - The Best of David Krakauer

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Year: 2010
Label: Label Bleu
For over two decades, world-renowned clarinetist David Krakauer has been reinventing and remixing the Jewish music of his ancestry with the sensibility of a contemporary musician strongly informed by funk, jazz and hip-hop. Starting with his work with The Klezmatics and then his early recordings on John Zorn’s Radical Jewish Culture imprint, Krakauer has forged an incomparable musical path that’s included landmark collaborations with luminaries like funk legend Fred Wesley, the Kronos Quartet, beat-wizard Socalled, leading symphony orchestras, rappers, celebrated composers and musicians of all kinds.

Abraham Inc. – Tweet Tweet

Abraham Inc. - Tweet Tweet

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Year: 2009
Label: Table Pounding Records
Abraham Inc. is a joint project of David Krakauer, Fred Wesley, and Socalled, melding Jewish klezmer with the rhythm & blues of James Brown to form a unique amalgam. It’s dance music for sure with a heady overview where jazz improvisation is mixed in with the infectious beats of urban soul.

David Krakauer – Bubbemeises

David Krakauer - Bubbemeises

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Year: 2005
Label: Label Bleu
David Krakauer could easily have carved out a career as a classical or traditional klezmer musician, but the clarinetist has always had grander ideas, and Bubbemeises is one of his grandest yet. Krakauer and his regular band, Klezmer Madness, team up here, as they did previously on 2004′s Live in Krakow, with Canadian DJ/sample-meister Socalled, who co-produced Bubbemeises in addition to bringing in many of the outré sounds and beats that give the album its cutting-edge sonic flavors. The result crosses lines repeatedly: hip-hop sensibilities crash headlong into donya (Romanian folk music); avant-garde jazz and James Brown funk lines support spoken word samples from a Jewish stage actor of a bygone era (Herschel Bernardi).

David Krakauer – Live in Krakow

David Krakauer - Live in Krakow

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Year: 2004
Label: Label Bleu
Clarinetist and klezmer madman David Krakauer brought his band Klezmer Madness! to the Indigo Club in his namesake city in June of 2003, and there played a monstrous set of klezmer music both traditional and avant-garde.

Klezmer Concertos and Encores

Klezmer Concertos and Encores

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Year: 2003
Label: Milken Archive of Jewish Music
In recent times, the extraordinary popularity of “klezmer music” has inspired virtuoso showpieces for clarinet and flute by leading contemporary composers. Klezmer Concertos celebrates this joyous musical tradition with concert works from the 1940s to the present day.

New York Philomusica Chamber Ensemble – Johannes Brahms

New York Philomusica Chamber Ensemble - Johannes Brahms

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Year: 2002
Label: New York Philomusica Records
The Romantic King writing at his life’s end for the enrapturing sound of the clarinet in the Trio, and early in his life, a Quartet with which he hoped to enrapture a public to whom he was as yet unknown. Success! in both endeavors. We hear the genius and feel his heart in ours. The contrast of instrumentation and, no less, the contrast in the poise of older age juxtaposed in this genius against the assertion of his youth, make for an exquisite program, fully realized by these performers and sound engineers.

David Krakauer – The Twelve Tribes

David Krakauer - The Twelve Tribes

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Year: 2001
Label: Label Bleu
The Twelve Tribes proves that clarinetist extraordinaire David Krakauer is comfortable performing in both semi-austere chamber/classical environs, and in packing a mighty punch, when called for.Krakauer’s radiant tonalities and shrewd utilization of vibrato are enhanced by his fiery dynamics. David Krakauer’s Klezmer Madness! fuses traditional Jewish klezmer music with rock, funk, modern jazz, and more.

David Krakauer – A New Hot One

David Krakauer - A New Hot One

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Year: 2000
Label: Label Bleu
A New Hot One finds the New York-based clarinetist continuing to put a modern spin on instrumental klezmer. Krakauer is a forward thinker; no one will mistake A New Hot One for a collection of klezmer recordings from the ’20s. Klezmer is the foundation, and Krakauer successfully brings elements of jazz (including avant-garde jazz), rock, and funk to that foundation. The results are consistently fresh-sounding, whether Krakauer is playing original compositions or interpreting traditional pieces like “Siraba” or “The Russian Shers.”

Klezmer NY

David Krakauer - Klezmer NY

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Year: 1998
Label: Tzadik
Klezmer Madness, led by accomplished clarinetist David Krakauer, weave an instrumental narrative of the imagined musical meeting between clarinet greats jazzman Sidney Bechet and klezmer king Naftule Brandwein.

Kronos Quartet – The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind

Kronos Quartet	- The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind

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Year: 1997
Label: Nonesuch Records
Composed in 1994, this touching work, expertly played here by the Kronos Quartet with David Krakauer on clarinet, bass clarinet, and basset horn, “is a kind of epic, history of Judaism.” The central image is of Isaac the Blind, the greatest Kabbalist rabbi of Provence, who approximately 800 years ago wrote that everything in the universe are products of the Hebrew alphabet’s letters. The piece begins slowly with a Prelude that gradually develops a “heartbeat” and pulse, like “an accordion.” The wonderful Jewish music inflections of David Krakauer on the woodwinds add the perfect emotional characters required in each of the movements.

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